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Welcome to the sign up page for my subscription only service.  The subscription below affords you all the benefits listed below.  

Note:  This is a audio only service! (i.e. there will be no pics of me or anything else)

Benefits:  (per month)  (*notes at bottom)

  • Minimum 2 Erotic Audios 

  • Minimum 3 podcasts per month*

  • 25% Discount in my Store ****

  • Minimum 2 ASMR / Pillow talk Audios**

  • Early Access to new Public Audios***

  • Access to curated Spotify/YouTube playlists

In Addition to the above I will also occasionally drop some outtakes from my audios - recommendations for great fellow erotic audio artists to listen to and follow, plus any other madness I feel I can add!

*Podcasts will be on the lines of movies, music, sex chat and other random subjects - length 5-15 minutes

**ASMR Will be relaxation and pillow talk will be intimate but without sex 

***Early Access to Public audios will be minimum 3 days before general release - minimum 1 per month

****Discount is for the length of your subscription, codes released every month

All Audios will be added to the store, for sale, 2 months after posting to the subscription area.